Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Prop list for Scientist

Shirt, Lab coat and tie

Prop list for SWAT team

Pair of gloves x1
Weapons x3
Elbow and Knee Pads x2
Balaclava x2
Helmet x2
Goggles x2
Black trousers x2 and black shirt x2
Torches x3 (one attatched to each of the weapons 'x2' and one attatched to camera)

Prop list for Zombies

Fake 'Vampire' teeth Torn tee shirts Face paint and makeup

Prop List

Prop list Swat team: 2 guns 3 torches Black clothing; shirt and trousers, black helmets and goggles, shoes, gloves and balaclavas. Zombies: Ripped tee-shirts, ripped trousers, and fake blood, fake teeth Me: Black shirt and torch. No tripod needed; hand held effect Scientist: white shirt, syringe and glasses, plastic gloves. Cast, swat team: matt bush Charlie robberts Zombies: louis feiven Tristan harmer Scientist: Jane feiven