Saturday, 26 March 2011

Updated Teaser Trailer

Issues* Missing 'REC' filter 0:37-0:42* Colour edit on all clips, (reduce green)* Sound jump (police sirens)* First inter titles to short an quick - reduce speed* Last inter title (Lockdown screen) too short* Resolved: Sound Problems, make sound louder and added impact where needed, added wobbles and more background noise, added police sirens and roars when zombie attacks. Added an animated ODIUM clip and lockdown clip. Added (THE RESULTS WERE TERRIFYING) inter title. Added a layer of green an REC transition, removed (APPROVED FOR ALL AUDIENCES).

Saturday, 19 March 2011


This was the original image.
Here you can see I have edited the image dramatically, the most noticeable change would be that that image is now portrait rather than landscape. I did this by cropping the area of the image I wanted then I pasted it on to an A4 portrait canvas and blended the picture into the black background. The second most noticeable change would be the teeth. I did this but using the burn tool (creating a dark burn like effect) to cut out the teeth. I also added a 50% transparent red brush layer over the eyes and burnt the outsides too to give the eye depth. Most importantly i used 'curves' and 'levels' to edit the contrast, lighting and satuation of the image. I make the image deliberately very contrast which brought out the wrinkles and made the image more dramatic. I also reduced the satuation of the colour, which gave the face a paler more sick like colour. I also added a slight layer of blue over the image as my film is shot primarily with a blue tint which will now relate the two products better.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Masthead Font types

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Magazine cover Layouts

I chose Layout 2 as it seemed to follow the conventions and layouts of most of the horror or film mags I looked at.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Photoshot for ancillary products

Here was my first photoshoot for my media ancillary products, including a film poster and music magazine front cover. I made the images extremely dark which conformed to the genre style (horror) very well. I wished to edit the images further using photo shop because I withed to make the majority of the images or the images I used to have a greater contrast. I used all of the props in my film when shooting so that the audience could clearly see the film and ancillary products were attached. I had a few problems when shooting, the light for example was too low, I used two torches and even a room light to light the set, however the camera was still producing very dark and low key images. I will tackle this issue by using photoshop and its 'brightness and contrast' editing tool. Using this I can make the images seem brighter or darker and I can even increase the contrast of reduce to to my preferred style. Over all I feel the shoot was successful as I managed to get enough images, all of which I could work with in photoshop to create my ancillary products.