Friday, 11 March 2011

Photoshot for ancillary products

Here was my first photoshoot for my media ancillary products, including a film poster and music magazine front cover. I made the images extremely dark which conformed to the genre style (horror) very well. I wished to edit the images further using photo shop because I withed to make the majority of the images or the images I used to have a greater contrast. I used all of the props in my film when shooting so that the audience could clearly see the film and ancillary products were attached. I had a few problems when shooting, the light for example was too low, I used two torches and even a room light to light the set, however the camera was still producing very dark and low key images. I will tackle this issue by using photoshop and its 'brightness and contrast' editing tool. Using this I can make the images seem brighter or darker and I can even increase the contrast of reduce to to my preferred style. Over all I feel the shoot was successful as I managed to get enough images, all of which I could work with in photoshop to create my ancillary products.

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