Saturday, 19 March 2011


This was the original image.
Here you can see I have edited the image dramatically, the most noticeable change would be that that image is now portrait rather than landscape. I did this by cropping the area of the image I wanted then I pasted it on to an A4 portrait canvas and blended the picture into the black background. The second most noticeable change would be the teeth. I did this but using the burn tool (creating a dark burn like effect) to cut out the teeth. I also added a 50% transparent red brush layer over the eyes and burnt the outsides too to give the eye depth. Most importantly i used 'curves' and 'levels' to edit the contrast, lighting and satuation of the image. I make the image deliberately very contrast which brought out the wrinkles and made the image more dramatic. I also reduced the satuation of the colour, which gave the face a paler more sick like colour. I also added a slight layer of blue over the image as my film is shot primarily with a blue tint which will now relate the two products better.

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