Saturday, 12 February 2011

Live type progress

Live type Screen shots.

This was the first time I had used the programme Livetype.
I found it fairly easy to use however I had a few problems such as how to colour the text and how to save the clip so I could import it into my film.

Firstly I opened Livetype and set up a new project. I then wrote what I needed to be written into the text box. Here you can see I have written Lockdown, which will be used as my film title screen.

Next I chose my effects. The effects will animate the text you have written. There are many different effects, so I explored and chose my favorite effects, which worked well with the genre and the style of the film. Thinking about this, I chose 2 effects under the subtitle ‘grunge’.

After you choose the effects they are placed on the time line in purple. Here you can edit the length, the amount they affect your text and how they affect the text. You can also now change the colours of the text.

Here you can see that I am changing the colours of the text. All you have to do is click on an area of the effect and use the colour wheel to select your desired colour. I chose red as it made the white text slightly more interesting, also I had looked at an existing film trailer titled REC2 and I noticed all the inter-titles were red. The colour red can also relate to danger, blood and violence.

When you have finished choosing the effects and they colours, you can now export your film. You have to click on file>export movie>quicktime. This will same the file as a quick time file which final cut will read. From here you have to drag the file into the time line in final cut.

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