Saturday, 25 September 2010

Target Audience

The expected audience to watch Horror films are, male teenagers to adults ranging from 13 onwards, because of this there is avery wide range of people whom it may appeal to. Often youll find, the younger teenagers are interested in very grewsome films such as SAW however, the older viewers pefer a film with has a stronger story line or plot. You can find these in sci-fi horrors like the one I wish to make. Because my horror wont involve as much blood, gore and distruction and I hope it will have a slighly more mature plot, I will target my film at an older age, such as 17 to 30. I chose to end my TA at 30 as I asked my parents whom are both over 40 weather they would chose to watch this style of film, they both said no. However when I asked my friends who are all 17-18 they said they all would. I also asked my band mates who 24 and they also said they would.

I will like most horrors aim my film at males.

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