Saturday, 23 April 2011

Evaluation Question 3: What have you learned from audience feedback? your feedback?

Audience feedback has really helped me adapt my ideas, especially in the final stages of production, as I needed to tweak a few of the areas in my products to perfection. I have also been able to design my products depending on how my target audience (males - 17-30) would react to it, and adjust it accordingly to suit their needs. Audience feedback has also been vital during early stages of production, including the filming for my trailer and the layouts and fonts for my ancillary tasks. After gaining all of my film clips I presented the shots and relied to audience feedback to suggest some ideas which they would like to see. Some suggested using inter titles as the plot and story was slightly hard to follow, so having been suggested the ideas i went about making the film perfect. After my First draft for my film, it was presented to the class. I took all feedback and worked on satisfying the audience. One of the main concerns was the sounds, however after the audience had suggested some ideas I set to work and immediately improved my film. Also the audience picked up on a few errors within my work that I had missed. So therefore, having constant feedback (another pair of eyes) has allowed me to adjust my work accordingly, and always improving my work.
The audience feedback also came in very help full with the production of my ancillary products, particularly within the production of my film poster as I had never made one before. I began by asking my parents, whom are both graphic designers. They made many good precise points which I acted upon ensuring that the poster was off a professional standard before showing my class mates and target audience. The feedback I received from the second draft of poster was positive however there were a few suggestions put forward. Such as the quality of my background image. I adapted to this buy taking another image and editing that in photo shop and in fact using that which seemed to please the members asked after showing them. Again if I had not received the feedback from my target audience my final piece would not be such as good standard as it is now.
Finally when editing my Horror film Magazine I relied on audience feedback as well as my parents feedback (although they weren't specified in my target audience). I set up a poll in Facebook where my friends could check my products and comment. I used all the feedback and edited as much as I could. After editing I would re post my product and repeat the cycle. Over all the feedback has been very useful as it has acted like a second pair of eyes, constantly improving my work and finding any mistakes I perhaps hadn't found. I feel the reasons why I'm so happy with the way my products is due to the feedback of my target audience. For this reason I have learnt that feedback is and listening to others will improve your work.

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