Thursday, 7 April 2011


A portrait version of my Film Poster, I have made the theme of this version red as it symbolises blood, violence and death which relates to my film. I have included the title 'Lockdown' and set the font size to 190 and the font type to 'Requiem'. I put the poster image together in photoshop, but added the text in indesign. I have also added the names of the cast and actors involved in the making of the film along the top of the poster. I have used an image from my photoshoot with my brother Louis, I have edited his face using photoshop. I looked at a a couple of videos on YouTube, to give me tips on how to successfully edit and manipulate a face in photo shop to create a zombie effect. If you follow the link bellow you can find an exapmle of the videos I used to help create the zombie effect. This is similar to the first version of this poster, however I have based the colour theme around green as this makes the poster give a sicky, ill feel to it. The clips I have used in my film also have a green tint to them, which relates the poster.

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