Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Final cut and logic film edditing

Here you can see the editing process I under took. Although this was not the first time I had used the programme, I did learn many new features.
 Firstly you will need to open final cut express. If you already have film clips or images you can simply find the files and drag them into the canvas. Here you can edit the clips and place them onto the time line.
 Here you can see I have dragged some clips onto the time line. The first black screen will only show the selected file. Here you can edit the length, speed, colour and with the effects bar you can add hundreds of effects to the clip. You will need to render the file each time you edit it by pressing cmd>r. You can also drag the clip to where you want. There are many layers so you can also have two clips running at the same time.
To disable sound press CTL and click just the audio to select it and then delete.

 Here you can also see I have included a Live Type clip I made. After rendering the text on Live Type I simply dragged the file to the time line. Fro here you can choose how log you want it.

 Here you can see some editing I under took for a film clip. I wanted to add a filter to the clip which I chose on the basis of other horror trailers. I chose a REC style clip which should show the audience that the clip was taken using a camera and it should remind them that t it was made on a handheld camera.

Here you can see Logic. Logic is a sound editing programme. This is where I added all of my sound to the film. Logic is home to thousands of small sounds which were perfect for my film. I used sounds such as horror drones and crashes. I also used bear roars for the zombies.

To add a sound simple create a new file and search for a clip. The clips are all placed under subtitles. I chose the title FXs. Here you will fine many effect sounds. I chose the sound Airlock which I will use when the zombies jump out.

 Simply find the file and drag it to the time line. You can change many of the features such as the length, the decibels. You can add many effects such as reverberation and pitch change.

To save the file so that you can use it in final cut you need to click on file>bounce. This will bounce the file to your documents.

 Next just click on Bounce to confirm.

 Here you can see final cut and my documents file. All you have to do it click and drag the file onto the time line. You an again edit the pitch the decibels and the length and live always there are many layers so you can play many sounds at one time.

Here you can see the sound which has been added to the time line.

When you have finished your filming and editing, you can export the film so that you can upload it to youtube. To do this you have to click, file>export>quicktime. This will same the file as a quick time move.

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