Friday, 1 October 2010

Poster Analysis

After carefully analyzing film posters from recent times, I have come to the conclusion that a film poster should include:
  1. The film title
  2. The actors/actresses names who are starring in the film - either at the top, bottom or next to their picture
  3. Should include a still picture from the film or the picture should be relevant to the subject of the film
  4. Should include any nominations or awards that the film has received at the top or bottom - near where the actor and actresses names are
  5. They should also give the audience some direction as to when the film is being released
  6. The use of a tag line, to suggest genre of film.
  7. Should be seldom suggestive of what the genre of the film is. Could use colours, font, mis en-scene (such as the clothing, make up and hair in the pictures) and also the look - simple or busy.
  8. Age certification should be displayed - usually in the bottom right corner of the poster.

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