Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Call Sheets

How to Create Daily Call Sheets for Independent Film

Daily call sheets are imperative to organising a film shoot. They help your crew and cast to be organised, on time and prepared, and help keep your production on schedule. Essentially, it is your plan for what is going to be shot on any given day.


At the end of your shoot day, create the call sheet for the following day.

Start with basic information, the date, what day of the shoot it is (such as Day 2 of 9) and where the location is. List your crew call time (example 7 a.m.) and the time you expect to begin shooting (example 8:30 a.m.).

Start with the first scene of the day. List the scene number, the numbers of the cast needed for that scene (See How to Breakdown a Script for Film Production Scheduling), and the cast call time.

Complete the above step for each scene to be shot that day.

Include additional crew information toward the bottom of the page, for example extras needed, stand-ins, etc.

Distribute to all cast and crew before they leave the set at the end of the shoot day.

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