Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Call sheet for cast and crew 3

Call Sheet

Day 3 of 3
Location: White room

Crew call time:
Louis: 12pm

Expected time:
Louis: 12:30pm

Scene List.
First scene. 1 character Oscar (me)
Talk into camera: (trial and test. Human vaccine 1, commencing in 3,2,1..)
5 secs.

Second scene. 1 character Oscar (me)
Hold up and flick syringe, Look at patient.
3 secs.

Third scene. 1 character Oscar (me)

(heartbeat decreasing, body temperature lowering)
4 secs.

Fourth scene: 2 characters Oscar (me) and Louis
wait 1 sec Louis jump up at me

3 secs.

Additional information
needle and syringe could be a potential health and safety problem.

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