Friday, 15 October 2010

Test Footage

This is a range of the many clips I managed to take on the first day of shooting. The shooting when to plan with the help of call sheets and a shot log.

I'm very pleased with the way the film has come out, the torches made the shots perfectly lit, as I was hoping to get darker shots. I also like the blue (cold) effect which was on my camera, I really think it has given the clip a very nice effect. I has made the shots look slightly creepier and looking at a few existing films like Quarantine you can see there are uses of blue filters.

The hand held tips I looked at also helped and I used many of the tips they gave me to steady the camera, which also looked very good as I was worried about too much camera motion which may have blurred it, especially as it was very dark.

I was also very happy with the zombies and the swat team, and the props used, I think the dark light helped as the makeshift costumes look fairly real.

I will mute all sound as I was slightly disappointed with the cameras recording quality, It produced a buzz which would put off the viewer. So instead of the diagetic sounds I will add some stock sounds from Logic to lay over where needed.

Over all I am very happy with the way the clips have come out. I will now have to film the scientist scene and a few more of the house clips in later days. I will produce a Call sheet with a shot log for each day.

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