Sunday, 24 October 2010

Call Sheet for cast and crew 1

Call Sheet

Day 1 of 3
Location: House

Crew call time:
Matt: 6:30pm
Tristan: 6:30pm
Charlie: 6:30pm
Louis: 5pm

Expected time:
Matt: 7pm
Tristan: 7pm
Charlie: 7pm
Louis: 5:30pm

Scene List.
First scene. 2 characters Matt and Charlie.
Swat team in street moving into building
3 secs.

Second scene. 2 characters Matt and Charlie.
Swat team moving along corridor.
5 secs.

Third scene. 2 characters Matt and Charlie.
Swat team progressing up stairs.
4 secs.

Fourth scene: 4 characters Matt and Charlie, Louis and Tristan
Swat team moving along second corridor, Louis and Tristan jump out and run at camera.
6 secs.

Fifth scene: 2 characters Charlie and Tristan
Charlie drags Tristan from behind a door way. (Tristan disappearing from door way)
2 secs.

Additional information
Charlie Robbers: Diabetis, insulin pump required.

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